Seats 5
Engine Size 2.0
Category Mid-Size

Our Chevrolet Cruze is a car made of steel. With its body structure composed of 65 percent high-strength steel, its makes even the most humble of us feel supreme.  Hydraulically-assisted, this cars rack and pinion steering gives for a 10.9-meter (36 ft) turning circle, giving a vigorous performance, accompanied by a top-notch entertainment system. To counteract noise, vibration, and harshness, engineers have designed the Cruze with an isolated four-point engine mount and implemented sound damping material in areas including the front-of-dashboard panel, luggage compartment, decklid internals, doors, carpet and headlining. Our Cruze’s noise suppression through the use of a triple-layer sealing system blocks the noise from coming in, so you can better enjoy the party happening inside your car.