Electronic Toll Route:

Transponders required for the 407 ETR may fail to trigger the sensors at the 407 entry and exit gates. For this reason, TRY 1 Car Rentals has implemented the following policy:

Customers who:

(a) use the 407 without a transponder, or
(b) have a transponder that does not trigger the electronic ETR non-transponder fee, will be charged a $40.00 administrative charge PER TRIP by TRY 1 Car Rental.


250 km free per day.
$0.10 per km.
Parking Tickets:
Customers who:
(a) receive parking tickets or violation tickets, or

If fines are sent to our office, a fee of $40.00 for each $110 or less, which includes TRY 1 Car Rental administration fees per fine, will be charged to the customer.

Reservation and Booking:

Customers must provide valid identification, a credit card, or a cash deposit for reservations. Reservations should be made in advance, and cancellations must be communicated within a specified timeframe to avoid fees. Rental Requirements: Minimum 25+ requirement for renters. 23-24-year-olds will be subjected to an underage fee. Valid driver's license: Renters must present a valid driver's license at the time of rental. $1000 deposit by major Credit Card, Cash, or Email Transfers is necessary for rental transactions. Minimum 3 days.

Rental Rates and Fees:

Daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates are listed on each vehicle. Customers who return the vehicle late beyond the 15 minutes grace period will be charged an additional fee of $10 per hour until the vehicle is returned. Vehicles not returned in 24 hours will be considered STOLEN and reported to the POLICE. The deposit will be returned to the customer, and a recovery charge of $1000 will be applied to the account. No Pets are allowed in any of our rentals at any time, or the renter will be subject to a $100 cost to shampoo.

Vehicle Pickup and Return:

Our pick-up location is 4801 Keele St, unit 69. Inspection process: A Try 1 agent alongside the renter must inspect the vehicle for any damages before leaving the premises.

Insurance Coverage:

Outline available insurance options and associated costs. Communicate the customer's responsibility for any damages not covered by insurance.

Fuel Policy:

Customers are responsible for returning their rental with the same level of fuel that was supplied by TRY 1. If the vehicle is not refueled, gas will be charged at $3.00 per liter. All rentals driven less than 100 km require proof of refueling within an hour of returning the vehicle.

Maintenance and Breakdowns:

Customers will cover minor issues such as TIRES, RIMS, AND GLASS.

Prohibited Activities:

No pets are allowed in any of our rentals at any time, or the renter will be subject to a $100 cost to shampoo. An UNAUTHORIZED DRIVER AROUND THE STEERING WHEEL OF TRY1 VEHICLES WILL RESULT IN A ZERO REFUND. This contract becomes null and void. Due to insurance regulations, customers must advise TRY 1 should they wish to leave the province of ONTARIO. If granted an authorization for leaving the province will be noted on the rental contract. All cars are 100% smoke-free. If you smoke in the vehicle, you will be fined $250 upon return. The sum will automatically be deducted from your deposit.

Additional Drivers:

Policies and fees for adding extra drivers to the rental agreement.

Security Deposit:

If the deposit is made by cash or EMT, $500 of the deposit is returned once the rental is returned. The balance will be held for 21 business days for ticket purposes. If the deposit is made by a Credit Card, once the vehicle is returned, the deposit will be released within 24 hours.


Customers are responsible for returning their rental vehicle in the same condition as was supplied by TRY 1. If the vehicle is not cleaned, there will be a cleaning fee ranging from $70-$150.